Updated Billing Effective June 1st

NOTICE – Effective as of June 1, 2023 Porter MUD has updated the billing due date to the 15th of each month. Also, Porter MUD will no longer deliver door notices or charge a door notice fee due to a late bill. Stay tuned for any further updates or changes.

Updated Billing Effective June 1st2023-05-19T15:30:35-05:00

Billing Reminders

Porter MUD is excited to announce we now offer billing reminders. Please contact the Porter MUD office at 281-354-9352 to update your current email address and cell phone number or you may include it with your next payment. Thank you for helping us to serve you better.

Billing Reminders2022-12-05T14:02:00-06:00

Door Notice for Non-Payment

If you receive a Door Notice for non-payment of your monthly sanitary sewer, your payment must be received before 7:00 am to avoid being Disconnected!! Please utilize the night drop or you can make your payment online with TPG (The Payment Group).

Door Notice for Non-Payment2023-05-19T17:12:21-05:00
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